Maria Luneva and Her Flower Mania Coming Live on NFT STARS

October 13, 2021

NFT STARS Exclusive Drop

NFT STARS is a new NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 13, 2021 / -- NFT marketplace NFT STARS prepares to auction the work of Maria Luneva, a young Russian artist who won a worldwide audience with her mesmerizing artwork, best described as a meeting point between photography, make-up, fashion, sculpture and performance. The artwork "Supinatra" will be put up for auction on October 14th at 10:00 UTC.

Nature as the Driving Force of Creativity

Maria is a young artist from Moscow, Russia who found herself and her art just over a year ago - during the pandemic. When the whole world was locked inside their houses, Maria finally found the time to hear her true aspirations and wishes. Starting to call herself an artist freed Maria to explore the world and herself through art. Every piece is a result of her inner work, a part of the artist that she puts on public display. By showing it, Maria claims back her power, restoring it back to its rightful place.

The biggest influence and driver of Maria's creations is nature. The artist notices the uniqueness of form and the colors of natural elements, making them take on the role of other objects. Maria recontextualizes different elements of nature, merging them with people and their lives.

"Supinatra", which is to be auctioned on the NFT STARS marketplace, is a perfect example of how Maria works with flowers and finds unexpected combinations and visual associations. The artwork is a visualization of Maria's creative alter-ego and the recognition of its uniqueness and right to exist as it is. Through "Supinatra", the artist demonstrates that inside all of us, there are unique, free-spirited creatures. They might scare you, attract you and push you away. The goal is to take the time and effort to see them, recognize them... and finally set them free. The auction for the artwork is scheduled for October 14th at 10:00 UTC.


NFT STARS is a new NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach to artists. Every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the chosen few NFT ‘stars’. The marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and enables artists to mint artwork as a team via the collective NFT ownership feature and share the proceeds from its sale equally. Among other things, NFT STARS is launching its own NFT avatar collection - SIDUS: NFT Heroes - which features unique characters that can be used as a social media avatar or be transformed into a gaming character in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.

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